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Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (KO325)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective of Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project is to support economic and social development of the Barents region by facilitating young innovative entrepreneurial initiatives in order to contribute to the development of the employment and entrepreneurship in the region. The specific objective of the project is to create a region wide support system that will enhance the development and implementation of innovative business ideas across the borders by young entrepreneurs in the Barents Region.

Main activities

1. Business Network; the establishment of a cross-border (CB) business and innovative project development network to support CB interaction and contact development for the target groups. This activity involved 3 common match-making events in different regions. All regions have also had different level cooperation with other stakeholder organisations. 2. Innovative Entrepreneurial Environment; the establishment of the Innovation Lab network in the Barents Region, under the working title InnoBarentsLab (IBL) IBL provides space, supervision and mentoring by experts from business life and academia. 3. Training and Education; the development of regional, innovative, entrepreneurial competence supported by tailor-made training, delivered jointly by business and academic experts. All common match-making events have included training element, and partners have organised specific training sessions in their regions. 4. Awareness by all Regional Actors; the dissemination of project results to a wider public in the region.


The project Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project in the Barents created a support system for aspiring young business people, in order to make the Barents region more attractive for young entrepreneurs to stay and do business as well as to initiate projects. The project enabled young, active and potential entrepreneurs to cooperate across the borders and have all possible support to innovate together. The project facilitated cross border contacts by organizing business camps and workshops. Business contacts were maintained and new contacts established using social media. The young entrepreneurs have vowed to continue cooperation in order to reach the next level of entrepreneurship. They strive to work towards a vigorous Barents Region in which young entrepreneurs see more possibilities than obstacles.

Basic information