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Wooden Houses to Russia
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The project’s main goal was to at least double the export of log and wooden-element houses and their related interior decoration systems from Northern Ostrobothnia to Northwest Russia during the project. The objective was that after the end of the project, exports would continue to increase at an annual rate of approximately 7 %.

Main activities

• Execution of a market study • Participation in several contact-making events organised by the Finnish–Russian Chamber of Commerce and in trade fairs • Arrangement of a training day regarding Russian business culture • Completing a survey regarding the significance of the project in the development of companies’ export activities to Russia.


Several contact-making events organised by the Finnish–Russian Chamber of Commerce as well as trade fairs were participated in during the project. One market study was completed as a result of the project. Various authorisation and contractual issues related to export were also associated with the project. In addition, the project arranged a training day regarding Russian business culture, which had 12 participants from eight different companies. Project personnel also participated in the training where issues regarding trade with Russia were discussed. The project was completed on a smaller scale than planned due to, for example, not being able to implement all of the proposed procedures due to a lack of unanimity and because some of the companies had engaged in business with Northwest Russia using their own cooperation partners. However, companies did perceive the subject of the project as very interesting and obtained additional value for their operations through the project. Companies were also able to create some tangible business within the framework of the project. In addition, experience and knowledge of the Russian market and business practices were obtained through the project. A survey was completed during the project regarding its significance in the development of companies’ export activities to Russia. Export activities to Russia had either remained the same or increased in the companies that responded to the survey. All five of the companies that actively participated in the project have one or several cooperation partners in Northwest Russia, and these partners were successfully utilised in opening up the market for log houses. The companies employed 15 additional employees during the project; two of the employees were hired as a direct result of trade with Russia and the rest due to export activities to Russia. However, the companies did feel that it would have been necessary to be active in a larger area in Russia, at least in Moscow, and possibly in CIS countries, where there may be potential markets for wooden houses. A follow-up project of a similar nature was also desired, but with a wider scope than the Interreg III A Karelia area. A need for gathering information and seeking representatives in a systematic manner was expressed.

Basic information


Wooden Houses to Russia


2002-05-01 - 2004-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

195 116 € / 136 518 €

Lead partner

Oulu Arc Subregion
Lead partner web-site


Finnish–Russian Chamber of Commerce
Koillismaa sub-region
Businesses from the area