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WHITE ROAD-Cross-border Tourism Development in Northern Finland and the Republic of Karelia (KA325)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to increase inbound tourism in Kainuu, Oulu Region and the Republic of Karelia by creating new, high quality travel products that correspond to the requirements of and are easily obtainable by the modern customer from Russia, Finland or Central Europe.

Main activities

• To tighten co-operation and networking between tourist service companies in Kainuu, Oulu Region and the Republic of Karelia in order to facilitate the development of joint products and services as well as to promote understanding of the quality and safety requirements of customers and travel agents. • To promote the outreach and marketing of the area along “White Road” and of the new cross-border tourism products by design of marketing material and marketing campaigns (e-solutions, exhibitions) and providing up-to date information on tourism facilities and services in the Republic of Karelia. • Development of professional competencies of personnel of tourism companies in the project area.


White Road region and its touristic potential was introduced to the international (Central European), Russian and Finish tour operators and media. During seminars, workshops and benchmarking trips the participants promoted the project area, made product cards and joint product development and collected information about the needs of tourists and about the marketing strategies. The project experts carried out a research on the current state-of-the-art of tourism industry in the project area. This research was based on the existing data supplemented and updated by the additional data collected from the area and companies in Russia. Informative and promotional material was created and produced throughout the project. Project created six tourist information centres (TICs) to the Russian regions participating the project. All the tourist information centers were opened in 2013 and all the centers have been working since.

Basic information