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Rahoitusohjelma Interreg II Karjala 1996-1999

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The objective of the project was to increase the competitiveness of Kainuun Markkinointi Oy (Marketing of Kainuu) and travel companies located in Kainuu by creating versatile, sales-supporting web pages in Russian and English. Kainuu is distanced from the international market. This incurs additional costs for marketing, selling and distributing the products. A survey was conducted among Russian travel agencies on the need to create a website (the survey results were attached to the project application). Travel companies expect real-time information on available goods and services, such information as reservations, prices, new services and products. As the demand for tourism services grows, tourists in addition to basic services increasingly need additional services related to their interests. The growing importance of value-added services also increases the importance of information about them. Currently there is no publicly available Kainuu travel services website or authority that takes responsibility for collecting and storing this information to increase sales efficiency. This makes it difficult to sell goods, for example, in Russian travel agencies. During the project, detailed information on the products of 25 travel companies will be mapped. In addition to conventional images, products are converted into 3D digital panoramic images. Texts about the companies' products have been written and translated into Russian and English. The Kainuu market will have its own website, which will provide information about the company and the attractions of Kainuu. In addition, 25 companies from Kainuu will have their own websites to present and sell their products. The project uses the links created by the company Kainuun Markkinointi Oy with Russian travel agencies and tour operators.

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Web pages for supporting Russian marketing

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2000-01-01 - 2000-12-30

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67 272 € / 41 815 €


Kainuun Markkinointi Oy
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St. Petersburg Council For Tourism
St. Petersburg Tourist Club
ADM Travel Agency
Travel Agency Exta
Travel Agency Conti-Plus