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Waste Management (SE500)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Overall objective of the project was to develop and maintain a modern sustainable ecological system for waste management and recycling technologies of industrial and domestic waste in the programme region. Specific objective was to analyze and make a description of the best practices of the existing waste management systems in Russia and Finland and improve their efficiency through creation of the Waste Exchange e-portal as an effective tool of waste system in the programme area.

Main activities

- Management, monitoring and evaluation of the Project. - Information and visibility activities. - Waste Management research. - Waste Exchange development.


The achieved results were reached by using methodology and tools awarded via grant (survey, researches, visibility competition, seminars and work group meetings). Project became an efficient instrument which strengthened the Waste Management system in Saint-Petersburg using the significant advantage of Finnish experts and key Russian researches in the area. The Expert Council was established in order to have the best Finnish and Russian experience in all project stages, and to support consulting questions, decision making, and to implement and evaluate research work. As one of the main achievements of the project is the wide list of researches the high-qualified professionals in the project area have succeed to organize. Based on the researches occurred the recommendations (that will be used by the Committee on Municipal Improvement of St. Petersburg to develop and improve the city policy in the area) were prepared. Several seminars and presentations of project achievements were held at different events during implementation. The competition «Clear Vision: St. Petersburg without garbage» was organized. as a result of this competition the jury selected winners in three categories : best picture, best video work, scored the highest number of likes.

Basic information


Waste Management


2012-03-16 - 2014-09-15

Total Budget / Programme funding

861 463 € / 687 551 €

Lead partner

St. Petersburg Informational and Analytical Centre
Lead partner web-site


Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
Finpro ry