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Vartius border traffic centre
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The project was to develop border traffic and its flow between Finland and Russia, to enable easier interaction between companies that engage in cross-border trade and to improve the level of services of the ever busier border traffic station in Vartius, also improving its environment and logistics, in order to bring it up to international standard. The project was seen as serving the development of the Arkhangelsk gateway area's business environment and transition traffic.

Main activities

• building of a 1,000 m2 unheated storage facility, an approx. 500 m2 heated storage and office facility, a paved 1,000 m2 yard and parking area • implementation of the necessary technical work in the area. • conducting customer surveys regarding the need for space for the transport companies’ vehicles passing through the Vartius border crossing point as well as the companies engaging in co-operation between Finland and Russia.


The modern office and storage facilities were completed in the project as planned in addition to the other investments, although some technical construction changes were made to the original plan in some areas. The 1,074 m2 unheated storage hall, approx. 400 m2 heated office and storage facilities as well as the approx. 1,400 m2 paved yard area were completed in the project. During the project, a space requirement survey was carried out for companies engaging in business and cross-border traffic, and the Vartius border traffic centre business plan was also created. Some of the facilities were already leased out during the project. After the project, the leasing of the facilities and the marketing of Vartius has been continued by the Town of Kuhmo in the business service and facility service units.

Basic information


Vartius border traffic centre


2006-01-01 - 2007-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

970 030 € / 727 522 €

Lead partner

Town of Kuhmo
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