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Two-way Railway Cargo Traffic via Imatra/Svetogorsk Border-crossing Point (SE380)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

To investigate possibility to open two-way railway cargo traffic via Imatra/Svetogorsk border crossing point. To network companies and authorities across the border and to benchmark most suitable management model for business/industrial parks on both sides of the border in order to facilitate networking and the use of rail connection.

Main activities

- To investigate hinders, which prevent the use of railway border crossing point Imatra-Svetogorsk for two-way cargo traffic. - The preparation of project plan to enable two-way cargo traffic across the border. - Clarifying the possibility and needed actions to be taken to change the status of the border-crossing points to international. - Creation of networking model for cross-border SME business and authorities to solve problems connected to border-crossing and business environment. - Study of industrial/business park management models.


The most feasible ways to develop an industrial/business model were identified and requirements for the realization of those were clarified. The project managed to create sustainability via networking, and a continuum of cooperation among key players will continue on. Participating regions were involved by keeping them informed and linked to the activities and outcomes. Due to preparation and the research that went into the project, its value will be realized after all the preconditions of two-way rail traffic between Imatra and Svetogorsk are resolved. The work will also be continued via the Large Scale project until the end of 2014. The project provided two studies: “Benchmarking of Existing Business/Industrial Parks” by Ramboll Ltd and “Business Infrastructure Development in Imatra/Svetogorsk” by Finec.

Basic information


Two-way Railway Cargo Traffic via Imatra/Svetogorsk Border-crossing Point


2011-03-17 - 2013-03-16

Total Budget / Programme funding

346 847 € / 277 476 €

Lead partner

Imatra Region Development Company
Lead partner web-site


City of Svetogorsk