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The New Dimensions of Network Education
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The project was designed to support and facilitate the movement of work force, the "transition training" of immigrants and the multi-sectoral cooperation development of Finnish and Russian educational organisations and businesses, by using modern technology as well as new pedagogical methods and learning environments.

Main activities

• to develop the teaching programmes of network education in various sectors in Russian and Finnish education, by designing Russian and English web material and developing the education portal of network learning. • to develop the distance learning system, so that it would extensively utilise the modern possibilities of the new media, such as the interactive web media and video teaching. • to market educational programmes in Russia as well as profile the Lieksa Adult Education Centre as a "transition trainer" for Russian immigrants • to create new partnerships in the education and business sectors.


The project organised 10 excursions to Russia, exploring Russian education organisations and businesses, comparing education plans and methods, surveying cooperation possibilities, marketing the education programmes of the North Karelia College and Occupational Institute and recruiting students from Russia. As a result of the visits, the North Karelia College signed a letter of intent with the educational organisations of the Republic of Karelia about founding an international development network in working life and adult education in Petrozavodsk in September 2007. The project designed and implemented an education portal in audiovisual communications for the machine, metal and wood construction industries, which contained a Russian web learning environment and learning material in both Russian and English. A distance learning system was built in a Moodle learning environment, utilising the modern possibilities offered by the new media, such as interactive web media and video teaching. Visual web training material was produced for the education portal, together with Russian businesses and specialists, which contained concrete text, digital imagery, sound, video images and interactive exercises. Each material section also contained a Finnish-Russian glossary in the respective field. Additionally, the project designed the content, length, blocking and available teaching methods for on-site teaching periods and organised an education and familiarisation tour in the Russian language and culture for the personnel of North Karelian businesses to the Republic of Karelia.

Basic information



2005-11-01 - 2007-10-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

211 051 € / 190 030 €

Lead partner

The North Karelia Educational Federation of Municipalities/North Karelia College
Lead partner web-site


Russian Academy of Justice of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice
Petrozavodsk Lyceum No 1
Cultural Ministry of the Republic of Karelia
Kostomuksha Branch Department of the University of Petrozavodsk