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The Eastern Network of Knowledge and Learning
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The purpose of the project was to develop the Russian know-how of the universities of applied sciences in East Finland as well as the related services in the sectors of business economics, construction export and social/health services.

Main activities

• To pilot intensive and new courses, to create and develop web teaching material • Gathering Russia-related material for the information centre • To develop the apprentice exchange system


In accordance with the plan, courses with the required material were designed and produced. Some of the course have remained in the education resources of the universities of applied sciences. The study course designed in restoration construction for the field of technology, the Special Features of the Russian Building Stock, is still being implemented jointly by the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Two pilot courses were conducted in the service industry during the project, which are now the bases of the present compulsory study course Russian Business at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, study line IB, and the study course Russian Tourism in the discipline of tourism, conducted in Finnish and English. In the well-being sector, the teaching of clinical skills, anatomy and physiology were improved, and the Iisalmi unit of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences implemented the development section of the service model in social and health services. However, no additional teaching resources were made available in the well-being sector in the University of Applied Sciences in Kajaani as a result of the project. The information centre collected, as planned in the project, a wide and versatile variety of knowledge about Russia to serve the Russian information needs of teachers, students, researchers and businesses in Kainuu. The service industry improved apprentice exchange with the Russian parties. Even during the project, there were Russian apprentices in tourist companies in Kainuu. Some of the Russians studying in the presently English education programme complete their practical training in Russia, but otherwise the challenges of being an exchange apprentice in Russia are great and seem to lack sufficient interest. The language skills of the Russians, on the other hand, have been an obstacle to studying in Finland. In the fields of technology and well-being, there has been no student exchange to Russia during or after the project.

Basic information



2004-03-01 - 2005-08-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

176 752 € / 139 634 €

Lead partner

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
Lead partner web-site


Petrozavodsk State University
Petrovsky College
Basic Medical College
North Karelia University of Applied Sciences
North Savo University of Applied Sciences