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ENERU – Efficient Energy Management in Barents region (KO533)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Energy efficiency is a long-term challenge in the programme region. The specific objective of this project is to enhance know how on energy management solutions by creating a network and transferring knowledge between South Kola region in Russia, Finnish Lapland and Norrbotten Sweden.

Main activities

The project identified potential of efficient energy management in the project regions. One central example of this was work on pilot buildings. These buildings are located in Kandalaksha and Kirovsk. The project carried out audits on efficient energy management in the pilot buildings, analyzed the results and planned solutions for improving energy management. The project strengthened business cooperation on energy management in Barents region by arranging several study visits, workshops, and participation on fairs.


The project made action plans to improving the energy efficiency and energy management, specifically in the pilot buildings but also generally in the project region. It surveyed the potential for using renewable energy sources, the potential for further development of the expert and business network, and the potential for business development on the energy related branches. While there is more and more need to cut down energy costs, and need to explore the business opportunities in this field, the project has awakened a lot of interest.

Basic information




2013-01-30 - 2015-05-29

Total Budget / Programme funding

944 324 € / 849 892 €

Lead partner

Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Lead partner web-site


Iin Micropolis Oy
Bionova Ltd
Piteå Kommun
Bothnian Arc ekonomisk förening
Kemi-Tornionlaakso Municipal Education and Training Consortium Lappia
The Union of the Cities of the South of Kola Peninsula