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Environmental Monitoring Concept for Pulp, Paper and Mining Sector (KA538)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

To create a novel environmental monitoring concept for heavy industry in order to reduce water pollution in Finland and Karelia

Main activities

• To map out raw and waste water quality of participating heavy industrial plants. • To design pilot automatic environmental monitoring stations and to choose the parameters to be monitored. • To locate stations next to industrial plants and to receive and analyze the data from monitoring stations. • To create a description of the monitoring concept including technological solutions, which suits for heavy industry’s environmental monitoring.


EnMonCon concept helps industrial actors to reduce environmental impacts due to increaded awareness of their real emissions to the watercourses - so the on line monitoring helps now them to adjust the process and thus to decrease pollution. The exchange of best practices on environmental engineer sector regarding on line monitoring has taken place. The general awareness among the Project partners has increased due to the Project and the whole concept EnMonCon is a new business concept not existign before. The recycling possibilities and circulation of the water is now a bit easier, when the water quality is known among the Project partners - in order you can recycle, you need first to know the water matrix very detailly. The data for reducing amount of all chemicals is now available in Sotkamo Silver and in Segezha due to the pilot stations - the on line monitoring really gives a huge range of possibilities to reduce environmental pollution and to save raw materials, chemicals and energy at the same time. The concept itself is very novel and cost-effective. The monitoring tools (=stations) were verified by University of Oulu in Sotkamo Silver's mine and they were estimated to be applicable, when the maintenance of the station is done in a proper way. When the water quality is known all the time and the operator can adjust the production process as well as the cleaning process based on on line monitoring, the pollution to the nature is decreased. The development of EnMonCon concept will be continued, the forecast is, that the concept will be in active use in Finland and in Russia in the nearest future.

Basic information




2013-04-05 - 2014-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

452 638 € / 383 414 €

Lead partner

EHP-Tekniikka Ltd
Lead partner web-site


University of Oulu
Sotkamo Silver
Al Hola Ltd.
Karelskij Okatysh
Kondupoga Pulp and Paper Mill
Segezha Pulp and Paper mill