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Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The project will develop innovative methodology concerning environmentally safe mine closure under the specific conditions of Barents region. To put it more specifically, the objective is to provide the target groups with information about the environmental impacts of mining activities, and based on that, to develop the harmonization between the mineral industry and environmental management during the period of mine closure.

Main activities

The project mapped the history and background of the case mines and created a database of the example mine areas. This was followed by field working and laboratory analyses. Each partner performed field studies, sampling and analyses according to the plans, based on the needs of their own study area. Appropriate research methods of each mine site were planned according to quality and amount of mine wastes and problems occurred. Based on the field work results, measures and recommendations for improving the conditions were made for each case mine. The network cooperation has been promoted by changing knowledge between experts and authorities in the partner countries.


The project has contributed to prevent problems posed by abandoned mines. It has created a database of mine sites, and developed cooperation between environmental management organisations in expertise on the topic. The project has drafted recommendations for remedial plans of the closed mines, including environmental monitoring.

Image from the closed Umbozero mine in Kola Peninsula

Basic information



2012-04-03 - 2015-03-02

Total Budget / Programme funding

628 586 € / 477 725 €

Lead partner

Geological Survey of Finland, Northern Finland Office
Lead partner web-site


Mining Institute KSC RAS
Luleå University of Technology