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Envi Info-Centre for Enterprises (SE391)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective of the project was to provide information to companies and markets acting in the field of environmental technologies by creating of Information Centre on environmental issues targeted to business life.

Main activities

- Information Centre: Project office and exhibition space. - Annual conferences and thematic workshops of related field of actions. - Tailored counselling. - Information Portal.


The objective was addressed by establishing an information centre in St. Petersburg, including a showroom with a permanent exhibition on the activities. The showroom on the ISBE (Itä-Suomen Businessedustusto Oy, www.svkk.fi) premises would also be available for SMEs to provide exhibitions and organise seminars and networking with their partners and potential customers. A higher level of awareness of environmental issues in technology and business was supported by developing and launching the web portal www.ecoprofi.info. This portal is intended to serve not only Finnish and Russian SMEs but the general public as well. The project was responsible for the publication of several books, research and marketing studies that may be downloaded from the ecoprofi web portal. In addition to the project’s main objectives, there was cooperation with several other ENPI co-funded partners. The prerequisites of sustainable development through these implemented activities may improve, should the partners wish to continue cooperation after the project funding is over.

Basic information


Envi Info-Centre for Enterprises


2011-03-30 - 2013-09-29

Total Budget / Programme funding

893 138 € / 714 510 €

Lead partner

Mikkeli Region Business Development Centre Miset Ltd
Lead partner web-site


Itä-Suomen Businessedustusto ISBE
Ecological Partnership AsEP