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Sustainability Under Pressure: Environmental Resilience in natural and cultural heritage areas with intensive recreation (KA5033)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Improving environmental resilience of the target areas of the project.

Main activities

• Conduct environmental monitoring to outline case specific problems. -Identification of main environmental problems, the natural setting and potential solutions -Development of a DPSIR framework for each site (including conceptual model and risk assessment); -Outline of cost-efficient solutions and remediation options. -Raising efficiency of environmental monitoring • Implementation (construction) of pilot cases. -Waste management pilot project improvements in Kizhi and Vodlozero; -Place warning and awareness-building signs in important sites; -Landscapes support measures • Capacity building of the target groups enabling participatory sustainable development of the territories. -Benchmarking measures to find out best practicies in environmental management. -Educational actions to raise environmental awareness and professional competences (study-tours, meetings and events, publications). • Management, communication, dissemination and project assessment.


Basic information