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Support to sustainable development of Sortavala town for the improvement of environmental situation (KA198)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to increase the quality of life for the population of Sortavala town and also improve the environmental situation in the area.

Main activities

• Examination of the existing situation and identification of the most vital problems. • Examination of relevant Finnish experiences in resolving similar problems. • Development of the feasibility study for specific segments including water/waste water, solid waste and district heating. • Development of investment schemes for the water/waste water and solid waste projects. • Arrangement of tender for the development of the set of technical design documentation under the water/waste water component, identification of the best private and public partnership arrangement for improving the solid waste management system in Sortavala town, development of the project application on rehabilitation of the district heating system in Sortavala town.


Environmental analysis report based on local statistical data was made and a new development model for communal sector of Sortavala was created. Set of technical design documentation for drinking water and sludge was created. Two DVD movies were created as a result of pilot project in solid waste segment. The first one "Waste into Profit" is focused on population of Sortavala and represents new thinking in separation and recycling of solid wastes. Another one "Landfill Gas - harmful waste into useful energy" is focused on local authorities and specialists involved in waste processing. The DVDs demonstrate modern Finnish experience, knowhow and the newest technologies.

Basic information