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Support for Leaving Care in Murmansk Region and in Lapland (KO525)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Working out and implementing system of leaving care support (leaving care for young people who leave SOS Childrens’ Villages to start independent life) in Murmansk region and Lapland. The above mentioned would mean e.g.: - Providing opportunities to care leavers for realization of their rights; - Training care leavers on new vocational skills; - Preparing care leavers for better integration into society, socio-cultural adaptation; - Promoting active life attitude among care leavers; - Training assistants that will supervise care leavers; - Establishing a network of specialists working with care leavers Additionally, the project aims at developing co-operation on this field between Lapland and Murmansk region.

Main activities

SOS Youth Facility was opened in Murmansk, where support activities can be given to young persons who have left care. Otherwise, the project used training seminars, visits and individual consultation. They all focused on strengthening of the following: • Legal support to youngsters leaving care: increasing their knowledge on society. Main topics of the training seminars were: right to education, right to have a family, right to protect property, medical insurance, etc. • Vocational guidance in the forms of excursions to different enterprises was carried out. Youth leaving care learnt a lot about various professions and could choose a sphere of additional professional education. • Preparation for better integration into society: socio-cultural adaptation. • Promotion of an active life attitude among youth leaving care • Establishing a network of specialists working with youth leaving care.


The project has increased the knowledge of professional working with leaving care, including their knowledge of the functions of the neighbouring country. What is more, the project has encouraged and helped young people to begin their independent life in their challenging situations. It has collected best practices and experiences on leaving care support.

Basic information



2012-12-16 - 2015-06-15

Total Budget / Programme funding

864 721 € / 722 129 €

Lead partner

Non-governmental educational institution
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Non-governmental educational institution of adults training
Lapland SOS Children's Village