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Southern Oulu in Russia
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

In Ylivieska and Nivala-Haapayarvi sub-regions, Karelia Interreg projects were implemented and completed by the end of 1998. There is a Russian Business Centre in the Ylivieska sub-region and a Karelian Business Centre in Nivala-Haapayarvi. The new project builds on the results achieved in previous projects. By pooling assets, sub-regions can expand and deepen their activities to develop business for the Russian markets. The Russian Business Centre is mainly responsible for business projects in the SME sector, including tourism, with the support of the Kalajoki Tourist Institute. The Karelian Center is responsible for the development of knowledge about Russia, as well as for administrative, educational and social relations. The objective of the project was to present Russia as a potential trading platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in the sub-regions and to support them by updating their information and skills. The objective was also to create cooperation industrial networks between Finland and Russia, providing services to companies in the southern region of Oulu and neighboring regions

Main activities


Basic information


Southern Oulu in Russia


1970-01-01 - 1970-01-01

Total Budget / Programme funding

204 341 € / 91 659 €

Lead partner

Ylivieska regional association
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