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Social services on both sides of the border (KA 479)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to improve the quality of life of people from disadvantaged groups in districts with sparse population in the Republic of Karelia and North Karelia

Main activities

• Sociological base-line survey of efficient operating models in low threshold approach services and on needs of beneficiaries, comparing results of the situation in the Republic of Karelia and North Karelia. • Development and piloting of low-threshold service models. • Development of educational courses for raising competence for social/welfare workers, students and volunteers.


The project increased wellbeing of community members and improved capacity of local actors in organizing, managing and delivering social support in North Karelia and Republic of Karelia. Access to social support and services was improved through low threshold support and care. The project developed resources of social welfare workers, students and volunteers in North Karelia and Republic of Karelia to plan and deliver social support. Due to practice-oriented educational courses the social workers and volunteers got more competencies and confidence and are encouraged to develop and implement individual needs-based (client-centred) services. Joint educational events promoted networking which is a valuable resource for further planning and maintaining of support systems. Awareness about the social support and services increased and the beneficiaries got better access to social support responding to their needs. Increased variety of models improved the holistic wellbeing of the beneficiaries.

Basic information