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Searching for subcontracting possibilities in Republic of Karelia
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

In this project, Kuusamon Uistin Ltd. seeks to learn more about the Russian market and the possibilities of industrial cooperation in the context of an aggravated competitive situation in the industry. The company seeks to find reliable partners in the Republic of Karelia and, first of all, in the Loukhsky region, neighboring with Kuusamo. It is also planned to request information on Russian retail chains that sell goods for fishing and camping. After searching for partners, it is planned to start subcontracting production mainly in the Loukhsky region. After the subcontractor is found, the company's employees are instructed in assembling the baits. The goal is to create a joint venture in Russia and improve access to the Russian market. Cooperation is also being established with the Border Guard Service in the Louhi region.

Main activities


Basic information


Searching for subcontracting possibilities in Republic of Karelia


1998-02-09 - 2000-02-09

Total Budget / Programme funding

33 636 € / 8 409 €

Lead partner

Kuusamon Uistin Oy
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