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Salmon of the River Pisto (Tacis)
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The purpose of the project was to replenish the salmon population of Pistojoki with the help of the survived fish stock in Russia, first in an operational fishery in Käylä in Kuusamo and then in Russia as well.

Main activities

• Collecting and analysing samples from the salmon strain in the Russian side of the Pistojoki River, • Evaluating the status of the salmon train in the target area, planning of the appropriate procedures


Once the project had begun, the situation of the fish population in Pistojoki turned out worse than expected. Normally, landlocked salmon migrates to breed in the river every year, and the size of the strain remains relatively stable. The principal reason for the drastic decline of the fish population was proven to be a river-based parasite (Gyrodactylus Salaris) that systematically killed the salmon living there. According to the latest research, the situation was deemed extremely critical. The hatchings of 2008 that were still alive, would most likely not survive through the winter. This required some practical changes to the project plan. By the autumn 2008, the permit policies concerning electrical fishing, working in the border area and importing live material to Finland had become clear-cut. It was thus possible to begin the procedures according to the project plan, aiming to revive the salmon population, and the project got underway more or less on schedule. If fresh hatching stock can be delivered to Käylä in autumn 2008, one of the main objectives of the project will have been achieved. The next phase is a quarantine, which, if successful, could guarantee hatchings for this winter in Käylä without the contracted parasite, and the entire project would be close to success, despite its poor beginnings. The final outcome of the project remains to be seen, but even now it has already been shown that the results of the research clearly indicate that the project has been of more than vital importance.

Basic information



2008-03-28 - 2010-03-28

Total Budget / Programme funding

148 903 € / 133 894 €

Lead partner

Suomussalmi Municipality
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Kalevala National Region
KRC Institute of Biology