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Sadokas Group Network for export marketing of seed potatoes
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to improve the working conditions of the seed potato producer Sadokas Oy in Northern Finland and to supply seed plantations in the Republic of Karelia. The main purposes of the project also included the networking of the contracts farmers and product storages of Sadokas Ltd. and the development of telecommunications both in their own producing area and in the exporting market. An important aspect was the creation of a marketing network in the neighboring regions and the development of seed potato packaging and marketing. The aim was also to develop information exchange between Sadokas Oy's farmer contractors, packaging centers and Russian partners. Within the framework of the project, marketing and advisory materials on agriculture and plots processing have been prepared.

Main activities


Basic information



1997-06-01 - 1999-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

327 954 € / 110 159 €

Lead partner

Sadokas Oy
Lead partner web-site