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Russian trade training program for North Karelian women entrepreneurs
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was increase the knowledge of female entrepreneurs from North Karelia about the questions, support, permissions, tariffs and other specifics concerning the trade with Russia. During the project, contacts to Russian female entrepreneurs were tried to be made and the framework of Russian female entrepreneurship, and cultural differences in the Russian business world were going to be made familiar for the participants. Teaching of the basics of Russian language and detailed evaluation of the possibilities of Russian trade, were going to be part of the project. The target group of the project were female entrepreneurs from North Karelia, who met the requirements needed in order to sign contracts with Russian partners. Twelve to fifteen entrepreneurs were going to be chosen for the project. The project was going to consist of lecture days, dates of which were going to be chosen by the participants, and of detailed consulting/evaluating days. There were going to be 12 lecture days, one consulting day for each company and 14 days of the language teaching. Every participating company was going to get Russian contacts through Itäinnova and consults involved in the project. The information about the participating companies was going to be translated into Russian and sent to the Russian company networks.

Main activities


Basic information


Russian trade training program for North Karelian women entrepreneurs


2000-03-06 - 2000-10-06

Total Budget / Programme funding

35 149 € / 12 445 €

Lead partner

In-service training of Joensuu University / Itäinnova
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