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Russian legislation for entrepreneurs and authorities in the Interreg III A Karelia -region (RusLex)
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The aim of the project was to build good neighbourly relations and improve the knowledge about the neighbouring country as well as to promote regional stability and the social development of the neighbouring regions by elaborating on the Finnish and Russian concepts of a Rechtsstaat or constitutional state. The purpose was to facilitate the understanding of the differences of legislation of Finland, the EU and Russia by means of education.

Main activities

• Organizing events to highlight differences in the legislative and practical adaptations in Finland, the EU and Russia. • Collecting of articles


The project organised 34 events with 311 participants from 117 organisations. The combined number of participants in all events was 524. The education events brought up differences in the legislative and practical adaptations in Finland, the EU and Russia. Culture-specific modes of action, ideals and attitudes – important to understand for successful cooperation – were also highlighted. The education events dealt with, among other things, the Russian judiciary system and administrative structure, Russian judiciary environment, border security issues, international legislative cooperation, Russian criminal legislation and business, commerce and employment legislation. The organised education events increased the participants' knowledge about Russian legislation, thereby improving their abilities to cooperate with the Russians. A collection of articles was compiled during the project, which made it possible to share the information with a wider public. The article collection RUSLEX venäläistä lakia suomeksi (RUSLEX - Russian Law in Finnish) was compiled around 10 central themes, which published articles composed by specialists and educators. The book included necessary information for cross-border business and advice related to the Russian legislation. The articles in the book highlighted the legal actions required to start a business in Russia. Russian investment activities were also described in general terms, and the contractual regulations concerning Russian work, tax and customs legislation in addition to the trade of goods were explored. The book also explained the construction of the Russian state and operation principles of the legislative, executive and court systems. The articles also examined the different forms of white collar crime in the trade between Finland and Russia, as well as criminal responsibility and exemption from responsibility in terms of various approaches in the Finnish and Russian criminal legislation. The book was intended as an information source for entrepreneurs, government authorities and those involved with cooperation with Russia.

Basic information



2005-04-01 - 2007-06-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

206 553 € / 184 034 €

Lead partner

University of Joensuu, Institute of Extension Studies
Lead partner web-site


Russian Academy of Justice of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice