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Rivers and fish-our common interest (SE107)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective of the project was to restore the rapids and fishways in the Finnish–Russian border area and in the eastern coastal area of the Gulf of Finland. This aim was to be addressed by restoring the most important rapid areas and by removing fish migration obstacles in the cross-border rivers Mustajoki/Tchornaja, Rakkolanjoki/Selesnevka and Gladyshevka as well as their tributaries.

Main activities

- Restoration activities based on accurate restoration plans. - The Water Protection Plan for riverside forestry. - A representative broodstock (live gene bank) of the native River Mustajoki/Tchornaja trout. - Recovering the native trout population in the River Mustajoki/Tchornaja river. - Returning trout to the River Soskuanjoki/Malinovka tributary. - Building a marked nature trail, including lean-to shelter, campfire site, information boards, compost toilet, steps and duckboards in the Buslovka region. - Completing a nature trail plan in the River Gladyshevka. - Producing material for increasing environmental awareness.


The existence and viability of the valuable fish populations inhabiting these rivers and the eastern area of the Gulf of Finland was noted. Authoritative decision-making at the local and regional level and environmental education were supported by examining up-to-date information on water quality and biological diversity in these rivers. By including the research of water protection of riverside forests, the improvement of the water quality in the rivers and the eastern coastal area of the Gulf of Finland could also be noted. All these activities included the promotion of natural resources and nature protection and providing information on it to the public, authorities and border region partners. The sustainable development of such nature areas was also addressed from the perspective of leisure and tourism.

Basic information