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Restoration of salmonid rivers Lieksa, Tohmajoki, Hiitola and Lososinka (KA519)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Improvement of environmental and economic preconditions of development of urban and rural settlements through restoration of salmonid rivers Lieksa, Tohmajoki, Hiitola and Lososinka.

Main activities

• Gathering information concerning salmonid fish stocks history and environmental conditions of target rivers on the Finnish and Russian sides. • Field works on Lieksajoki, Hiitola and Tohmajoki rivers • Genetical analysis of salmonid stocks • Archaeological research in the area around the lowest dam of Lososinka River. • Elaboration of architectural design of the fish passes for the Lososinka River in Petrozavodsk. • Elaboration of Ahinkoski fish pass in Tohmajoki River. • Elaboration of design and estimate documentation for the lowest fish passes for the Lososinka River basing on the delivered plan. • Elaboration of recommendations on restoration of salmonid stocks for the rivers Lieksa, Tohmajoki and Hiitola on the Russian and Finnish sides.


General recommendations concerning management of salmonid fish stocks in Karelia, delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Karelia will support activities and decisions in this field. Recommendations of the project in all the target rivers will be used in Finland when natural type fish passes will be constructed in Hiitola, Lieksa and Pielisjoki rivers. In Russian river Tohmajoki part of recommendations have already been realized (fish pass built into the Kalliokoski power plant) and hopefully others will be put into practice in the future. Engagement into the project work of relevant divisions of Petrozavodsk City Administration - in particular, Emergency unit, responsible for monitoring the flood risks on the Lososinka river, led to the acknowledgment of the fact, that the proposed solution of the fish pass is the best option for controlling the river stream and avoiding emergency situations. Plans and documentation of the construction of the natural type fish pass in Lososinka river as well as plans for elimination of upper two dams will be used in future and with the help of them Lososinka river will get is status as salmon river after a gap of more than 300 years. This will be a good example for other rivers, too. One, but not fully accomplished outcome is enhancement of professional skills of Russian experts in fish pass construction.

Basic information



2013-04-10 - 2014-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

505 997 € / 455 297 €

Lead partner

Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute - RKTL
Lead partner web-site


Petrozavodsk City Administration
Northern Fisheries Research Institute, NFRI
Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (POKELY)
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE