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Renewal of sludge management concepts in regional towns
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Creating new concepts for waste water sludge management in regional towns

Main activities

WP1: preparing detailed concept plans for both pilot cases; Puolanka and Kostomuksha; WP2: Investing and Impementing anaerobic digestion unit in Puolanka; WP3: Investing and Impementing renewed sludge drying solution unit in BIOKOS, Kostomuksha. WP 4: Low treshold concepts to support further development; 1) concept planning for shared sludge management in 5 Kondopoga villages; Konchezero, Berezovka, Girvas, Tivdia and Kiappisel’ga 2) Investment for sludge storing site with better environmental safety. 3) Two technology demonstrations for sludge pretreatment and effluent water treatment for supporting further investment planning; demonstrating further technologies or other innovations for process


Basic information