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Realities of Russian trade – KBC ‘s training project 1998 – 1999
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to educate SMEs from Kainuu involved in the operations of KBC, and interested in entering the St. Petersburg market, to become experts in eastern trade. A practical information basis about the laws, which regulate the Russian trade, commands and suggestions about how to work with Russian customers and authorities, were going to be given to the participants of the training. The hundred-twenty-hour training program was going to be tailored based on the needs of the participating companies. Minimum of ten companies and twenty people were going to be tried to get involved in the project. The entrepreneurs were going to receive a practical information package about the equipment needed in the trading. They were also going to be able to use the education given to them by authorities and business experts of St. Petersburg. The programme was going to include special knowledge about the economy and markets of St. Petersburg, the cultural differences, the banking, insurance and credit operation, the studying of the new bookkeeping system, the application of the company tax reform, the clearance practices, the certification and the organizing of the forwarding and transform services.

Main activities


Basic information



1998-08-01 - 1999-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

17 660 € / 17 660 €

Lead partner

Kainuu Business Center oy (KBC)
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Russian Finnish Chamber of Commerce
Kera OYJ