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Raja-Jooseppi BCP development and reconstruction; traffic arrangements, buildings and technology (KO3002 Raja-Jooseppi)
Funded by Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

When we talk about cross border checkpoints, we should not only mention the speed of border crossing and comfort of the travelers, but also the staff and their working conditions. Current Border Crossing Point building and traffic areas do not meet Finnish Customs or Border Guards requirements for customer services and controls. Finnish Customs need new facilities and equipment to control growing cargo traffic.

Main activities

In order to ensure more fluent border crossing procedures and improve capacity of Raja-Jooseppi Border Crossing Point, the project includes new customs/border control building, new traffic management arrangements including lane check area with roof structure, lane check facilities (booths) and facilities for further measures (second line) as well as all border control technology for border checks, border surveillance and customs control. The objective of the project is a smoother border crossing between Russia and Finland/EU. This will strengthen and sustain local and regional economic development in the Kolarctic area. Final beneficiaries are inhabitants of Northern Finland and Northwest Russia.


Basic information