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Purchasing of equipment for sawmill
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

Idän Revontulet Oy (Northern Lights of the East) was engaged in harvesting, sawing and selling lumber in Karelia. The company participated in the Paanajärvi joint venture, which purchased wood raw materials, including logs, from the Päozero timber industry enterprise and cut them at the Paanajärvi sawmill. New control rooms was built at the sawmill and new machines would be installed by the end of 1999. Idän Revontulet Oy transported lumber to its own drying plant in Kuusamo and sold dried lumber to Finland and other European countries. The joint venture sold pulpwood and wood chips directly to Stora Enso factory in Kemijärvi. The logging and sawing activities of the joint venture employed two Finnish citizens and 95 Russian citizens. Idän Revontulet Oy had six employees on the Finnish side. The sawmill was operational and Idän Revontulet Oy was applying to the Interreg Program for the purchase of a wheel loader needed to transport lumber from Pyaozersky to the Kuusamo drying plant. The project was mainly related to the previous decisions made by the Regional Administrative and Border-Area Cooperation Committee on November 3, 1999. At that stage, the part of the project involving significant investments in the joint venture was not considered.

Main activities


Basic information


Purchasing of equipment for sawmill


1999-11-26 - 2001-06-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

10 090 € / 5 045 €

Lead partner

Idän Revontulet Oy
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