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Promoting Breeding Animal Exports
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The goal of the project was to strengthen pig-breeding activities in East Finland so that the quality of the livestock could be maintained and developed in both East Finland and the Republic of Karelia. The intention was to evaluate the opportunities for cooperation in the breeding and animal trade within the project areas and to make potential breeding animal deliveries during the project.

Main activities

• Completing a study on the future of pig farming in Russia with the help of a business consulting company that specializes on farms in the area of St. Petersburg, • Visiting pig farms and assessing interest in developing their production, • Provision of information to the farmers through an orientation visit, a quality training day, and a seminar, • Production and distribution of marketing material, • Studying of the formalities of exporting.


The future of pig farming in Russia was studied together with a business consulting company that specialises on farms in the area of St. Petersburg. Based on the research, it was concluded that the livestock base was old and that there were no resources to renew it. Therefore, pig farming was not profitable in Russia. Pork is expensive but popular in Russia. Twenty-three percent of the pork sold is imported as frozen goods. However, the Russian Federation had begun the construction of pig farms, purchasing livestock, and funding the renewal of technical equipment. The conditions were assessed by visiting farms using contact information received from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Karelia: only 1-2 farms were interested in developing their production. There were a few significant pig farm companies in the Murmansk region. There were more in the St. Petersburg region but they also had a greater supply in the area. Internationally important breeding issues were discussed with the farmers, and the focus was placed on monitoring the health of the pigs and preserving good health conditions in order to fulfil export requirements. An orientation visit to the environs of St. Petersburg was carried out as part of the project. A quality training day in Nilsiä was also included in the trip. The training subjects included breeding, transport and health issues related to livestock. In addition, the project arranged a seminar in Petrozavodsk in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Karelia and the Vankeinhoitohallinto (Prison Authority) project. Ten offers for animal deliveries were made and the discussions were still underway upon the completion of the project. Several brochures were produced and distributed at fairs, exhibitions, farms and agencies during visits. The contract forms were made suitable for international trade. The formalities of exporting were studied. However, the implementation in practice was unsuccessful. Cooperation relationships and operation channels were sought in accordance with the plan.

Basic information


Promoting Breeding Animal Exports


2006-11-01 - 2007-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

156 417 € / 128 917 €

Lead partner

Karelia Hybrid Cooperative
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OOO Vilgoskoe
Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Karelia
Faba Breeding
Suomen Sianjalostus Oy