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Preparatory Project for Network of Ethnocentres as Marketing Objective (KA1018)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Overview of Karelian Ethnocultural centers’ and Kainuu’s festivals’ and other cultural events’ capabilities to cross-border collaboration on cultural tourism.

Main activities

• Investigation of Karelian Ethnocultural centers’ resources and capabilities to participate in the development of cultural tourism of Kainuu and Karelia; • Investigation of Kainuu’s festivals’ and other cultural events’ resources and capabilities to participate in development of cultural tourism of Kainuu region and Karelia • Survey of potential partners and others willing to participate in development activities (travel agencies, accommodation and shipping companies, etc); • Identifying potential collaborators willing and able to develop tour packages and business network; making an assessment of the best possible marketing channels and preparation of a large tourism project


The preparatory project for Network of Ethnocenters as Marketing Objective was aimed at examination and research of the situation in Kainuu and the Republic of Karelia in the field of cultural and ethno tourism. The overall objective of the project was to increase a cross-border interaction and trade.The main activities included contacting all potential and possible partners in the field of cultural tourism in Kainuu and researching the situation of ethno tourism of the Republic of Karelia. Both studies have been carried out, strong sides in both territories have been determined, the problems and weaknesses have been detected, and recommendations and possible solutions have been given. Kainuu's main actors in the field of the cultural tourism were examined with the aim of clarifying the readiness and opportunities to develop the cultural tourisn and a cross-border cooperation. Russian Karelian ethnocenters as the main instruments of the territorial ethno tourism were researched to clarify their preconditions, opportunities and interests for developing the tourism and readiness to be a part of the tourism business in Karelia. The side companies acting in both countries and working in the same territories were taken into research as well. The potential developers of cultural tourism wiling to continue collaboration were determined. The document on the cultural and ethnocultural actors in both territories, their analysis and recommendations has been made and is enclosed to the final report of the project.

Basic information




2018-10-05 - 2019-05-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

47 396 € / 42 656 €

Lead partner

Juminkeko Foundation
Lead partner web-site


Karelika Ltd