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PRACTICE FUTURE – an Open Innovation Local Business and Students Network in the Barents Region (KO394)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of PRACTICE FUTURE is to support local companies/firms in the programme region to get access to international partners and markets. The project will establish and develop a permanent international open innovation platform that works as a facilitator of cross-border networking of small firms, and as a core element of joint programmes in entrepreneurship education. Cross-border integration of local business associations and municipalities relating to the firms involved would help to overcome disadvantages of remoteness of potential market partners in the area. The project will contribute to a highly competent young trans-national workforce and entrepreneurship potential in the region.

Main activities

SIX SEMESTER-LONG WORK PACKAGES CONSISTING OF: 1. Semester stage innovation work: Each semester, international student teams from five universities have worked together on a virtual lab towards 2-3 local firms´ assigned tasks. Students explore opportunities, make contacts to potential business partners in their respective country and region; they develop business ideas and proposals for implementation; they communicate with each other and the firms in a competitive as well as cooperative process. 2. Business Innovation Workshop: After this online period, groups and firms have met each other for a week-long Business Innovation Workshop. Together with the firms and external experts, the business development proposals have been completed and presented. There was some further cooperation of firms and teams with accepted proposals. The workshop has also served as platform for 1) advancement of the entrepreneurship education tool; 2) cost-benefit optimization for participating firms; 3) planning the follow-up of implementation of accepted business proposals; 4) development of cooperation between municipalities and higher education


The project has helped participants to build individual cross-border networks and has encouraged young people to stay in the region. Many students also showed improved communication and awareness of how to make it as an entrepreneur. The project has also led to a broader integration of entrepreneurship education. Students have learned to work and cope in a multicultural environment.

Basic information



2012-07-07 - 2015-07-06

Total Budget / Programme funding

838 581 € / 754 723 €

Lead partner

Finnmark University College / Høgskolen i Finnmark
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Murmansk Humanities Institute
Murmansk State Technical University
Petrozavodsk State University
Lapland University of Applied Sciences