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Polar Renewables: Independent Energy Supply – POLARIS (KO415)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective is to support the participating Russian and Finnish neighbouring regions to co-operate in wider use of renewable energy sources. It would increase the environmental and economic sustainability of their energy consumption as well as reduce their economic dependency on more developed regions. A specific objective is that the project will promote on the local level in Russia the use of renewable energy sources (wind energy) and substitution of diesel fuel with an alternative and more environmentally safe energy resource. Other specific objectives are - by establishing sustainable Finnish-Russian partnership, to share best EU practices of wind energy production, accumulation and use - to adjust/test the practices in Russian northern environment - to assist in the evaluation of the possibilities of wind energy production and use in Russia, - to develop cross-border cooperation, capacity building measures and strategic thinking between all levels of the personnel engaged in wind energy industry - To raise public awareness about renewable energy issues among key stakeholders and decision makers and develop adequate environmental and economic policies to lower pollution and contamination

Main activities

- Analysis of the wind monitoring results in the pilot municipality ; - Planning, establishing, equipping and launching the pilot wind mill generator; - Training of the personnel directly involved in running the newly established facility and of the personnel in the selected municipalities; - Workshops and round tables to disseminate wind energy information and use the experience of the projects implemented in Finnish regions; - Publication of analytical and information materials, website, leaflets, newsletters etc. and articles in mass media;


Successful development, installation and launching of the 1st wind-diesel power plant for a small municipality in the target area. The installation proved the possibilities and viability of local power supply systems using RES even in hard Arctic conditions. Information materials published and disseminated among the local beneficiaries and target groups as well public events arranged within the project improved their knowledge about RES and their utilization potential for the target area and stimulated discussions on spreading the project experience to other local settlements in the programme areas. Need in new construction technologies and automated controlling systems development resulted in new building solutions and IT decisions elaboration by the subcontractors. This also became a stimulus for arctic construction technologies progress.

Basic information




2012-11-28 - 2015-10-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

2 765 690 € / 2 151 092 €

Lead partner

Autonomous non-commercial organization "Nenets Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Center"
Lead partner web-site


Northwest United Power Generating Company, Narjan-Mar Branch
FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy