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Old Kurimo
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The Old Kurimo of Suomussalmi is a 102-year-old historic building complex with a rich history, such as the town hall. The house has not been used for the last decades. The premises and buildings are owned by the municipality. The main building was renovated with financial support from the Interreg II Karelia programme. After renovation, over 300 m2 of heated space will be used for meetings, performances and dining areas, as well as exhibitions, sales and cooperation spaces. There are also rooms for accommodation, summer exhibitions and small culture events. The objective of the project is to make Old Kurimo universal and turn it into a cultural centre and a meeting place for local and White Sea Karelian culture. The goal of the project is to organize a business, launch catering and promote Old Kurimo. It was planned to publish a guidebook that presents the history of the region. An integral part of the project was the planning of various cultural events, handmade presentations, as well as family, educational and modern events. Old Kurimo develops in cooperation with the municipal department of culture as a place for the presentation of the culture of the White Sea Karelia, where representatives of Karelian culture perform in various forms.

Main activities


Basic information


Old Kurimo


2000-09-01 - 2001-02-28

Total Budget / Programme funding

21 022 € / 10 511 €

Lead partner

Municipality of Suomussalmi
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Municipality of Kalevala
Spa Hotel Kiannon Kuohut
Wild Nordic Finland
Kainuu Tourism Center