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Novel cross-border solutions for intensification of forestry and increasing energy wood use (KA 388)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen cross‐border cooperation for novel solutions in forestry and bioenergy.

Main activities

• Modification of Metla's Motti simulation programme to Russian conditions for assessing different forest management practices on stand development. • Development of GIS-based decision-support tools for industrial and energy wood harvesting and transport - Establishment of permanent demonstration areas on wood procurement and road construction in Russian Karelia. • Development of new training programmes and material on intensive forestry, bioenergy and road construction. • Development of an information platform in Russian language for forest-related information across the border www.lesinfo.fi.


The project strengthened the mutual cooperation between North Karelia and Russian Karelia institutions in the forest sector both internally and externally. Russian experts found good contacts during their training events in Finland also with the other Russian experts from the other parts of the Russian Federation. The influence of the training events in Finland was remarkable: when you see in practice, you can better believe and learn. Laser scaling in forest inventory is highly innovative method, which was introduced for the beneficiary side during the project actions. In the long term the technology can contribute also to business. Also forest road courses were found extremely interesting among the participants The main outputs of the project were an innovative tool kit, transfer of knowledge and technology, new training programmes and capacity building regarding novel cross border solutions for intensification of forestry and increasing energy wood use. These solutions include identification and demonstration of new approaches and ways of doing to be applied in silviculture, forest management planning, sourcing and supply of energy wood, building and maintenance of forest road infrastructure, and wood procurement.

Basic information