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Northern Cross-Border Cultural Experts (KO174)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Increase the interest of Lappish students for cross-border cooperation and Russian culture, language and the make students more aware of their own possibilities that the cross border cooperation has to offer in their expertise, know-how and competences. Create the possibility for Murmansk students to gain practical experience in Lapland and to develop their expertise, know-how and competences in cultural issues, their field of study and to offer them the possibility to get acquainted with the Lappish labour markets. Strengthen the expertise of Russian and Finnish teachers on cultural issues, their own substance field and introduce them with new pedagogical practices and support their contacts to working life in North Lapland and Murmansk areas. Increase the competences of Finnish and Russian companies on Russian and Finnish culture and language issues and crystallise the unused potential they have in their grasp for cross-border cooperation in business and culture life. In all, the project deepens the cultural understanding of participating students, teachers and companies and makes them more aware of the possibilities and the potential they have in cross-border neighbourhood area cooperation. The project’s activities provide tools and means for the basis of this cooperation.

Main activities

Seminars and workshops Cross-Border visits Infos for students and teachers Meetings with partners and the network Orientation studies, lectures, theme week, on-the-job learning and thesis Exchange periods outcomes of the activities: Good practices and experience for organizing students’ trainee and teacher mobility Tailored and targeted education packages in culture and language training for students, teachers and companies Seminars and publications from fields of reindeer herding, tourism, construction and business Signed agreements for further cooperation between the educational institutions participating in the project


The project has increased the interest of students in participating organisations for cross-border cooperation and the culture of the neighbouring country. It has made the students and teachers more aware of their own possibilities that cross-border cooperation has to offer. It has also introduced the teachers with pedagogical practices of the partners.

Basic information