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Niirala industrial railway construction project 2004
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The project was intended to improve the functionality of the Niirala industrial area and to obtain additional capacity for unloading, loading and storage. By developing the railway, the amount of goods handled at the Niirala industrial area would be able to be increased. The project would recondition the existing track along a length of approximately 300 metres in order to maintain occupational and traffic safety, and new track would also be constructed.

Main activities

The project constructed: • approximately 540 metres of new railway track, which included switches as well as loading areas with the associated roadways and timber storage areas (approx. 3.5 hectares) • one new railroad switch • approximately 450 metres of the existing railway was improved as well as approximately 600 metres of roadway associated with the previous loading area • approximately 150 metres of a new run-off sewer was constructed, 700 metres of new ditches were created, and 8 new drums were installed (approx. 90 metres) • lighting for the new railway • approximately 500 metres of water pipe and 150 metres of sewer pipe were constructed


The need for the procedures, and in particular the expanded railway and the associated storage areas, could be clearly seen, as the storage areas had to be taken into use while construction was still ongoing. The necessity of the procedures was also emphasised when all of the available storage area was filled as a result of the paper industry strike.

Basic information


Niirala industrial railway construction project 2004


2004-03-01 - 2004-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

598 839 € / 419 187 €

Lead partner

Värtsilä Municipality
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