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Niirala border station’s telemetric traffic control system on main road 70
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The amount of traffic at the Niirala border crossing point increased continuously, resulting in increased traffic safety risks as well. The project was to improve traffic flow at the border station as well the occupational safety of employees.

Main activities

• to construct an electronic traffic control system at the Niirala border station in order to enable traffic control directly from within the border station's monitoring facility.


The telemetric traffic control system for the lanes at the Niirala border station was completed as planned. The project consisted of three separate sub-projects: telemetrics, signage for changing traffic arrangements, and traffic lift barriers. The telemetric system, area cabling, traffic indicators and road lighting were completed in the telemetrics project. The signs informing road users of the traffic control changes, along with their support structures and lighting, were purchased and installed in the 'signage for changing traffic arrangements' project. In the 'traffic lift barriers' project, 16 remote controlled electric traffic lift barriers were purchased and installed at the border crossing location as planned. The designer of the traffic control system (YSP Oy) produced a user guide for the control system, and two training events were held for border station personnel. The border station personnel began using the new control system during the end of February 2007. Using the electronic traffic control system, the traffic can be controlled from within the border station's control facility on the actual driving lanes as well as on the new fast traffic lanes. The system improved the flow of traffic and sped up the inspection process at the border as well as improved the occupational safety and operational capacity of the staff.

Basic information


Niirala border station's telemetric traffic control system on main road 70


2005-02-01 - 2007-06-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

800 550 € / 800 550 €

Lead partner

Finnish Road Administration, Savo-Karjala Road Region
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