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Museums in focus: development of cultural services for Chinese tourists (KA9021)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Museum services and products for Chinese travellers are available at the regional level.

Main activities

- Increasing the level of competences of regional employees of the regional museums (education modules, study trips) on China-friendly environment; - Establishment of museum tourism facilities and services and product development that correspond to the expectations of customers from China, including еestablishment of Kalevala pilot exhibition, development of audioguide services, мodernization of visual navigation systems, Souvenir supply and infrastructure; - Joint marketing and promotion campaigns: development of tourism promotion material, participation in joint marketing campaigns and tourist fairs, web-promotion of museum products and services.


Basic information


Museums in focus


2020-01-01 - 2021-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

401 194 € / 361 074 €

Lead partner

Budgetary institution "The Museum of fine arts of the Republic of Karelia"
Lead partner web-site


Joensuu Museums