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MULTI EFFORT (MULTIple Eco-Friendly FORest use: Restoring Traditions) KA401
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to to improve quality of life of the target groups and final beneficiaries through improved forest ecosystem services and more sustainable multiple use of forests in the region.

Main activities

• Landscape ecological planning and its implementation in practice. • Improving provisional and cultural forest ecosystem services. • Improving regulating services: forest fire prevention, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation. • Communication and education.


The results of the first activity – landscape ecological plans for multiple use of natural resources - formed a basis for establishment of the regional protected area, landscape reserve "Zaonezhskij" and zoological reserve “Syskyänjoki” on model territory Northern Priladozhye. The results are also continuously used in management activities in the Vodlozersky national park. Based on the MULTIEFFORT results, the factors limiting the development of eco-friendly forestry and ecosystem services were identified for the Republic of Karelia. The results of the analyses of berry and mushroom picking and use as well as of regional markets on both sides of the border were acquired and published. Main results of the third activity, improving regulating services, were presented on the international seminar “Forest fires and their prevention in North Karelia and Republic of Karelia”. As a result of the seminar, where the representatives of the government of both Finland and the Republic of Karelia took part, the co-operation between Finnish and Russian authorities in fire management shall be increased; the co-operation between Finnish and Russian authorities in developing fire risk classification in Russia will be enhanced as well as the development of Finnish fire risk index will be promoted. The fire risk maps were produced for 4 model areas: Vodlozersky national park, Zaonezhje, Ruunaa and NKBR.

Basic information