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Mining Road (КА 334)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Creating new tourist attractions, making them more appealing to the tourists and to support sustainable development of popular-scientific tourism, based on the use of geological sites and mining craft monuments in Karelia and Finland.

Main activities

• Mapping and studying existing old mines and mining sites. • Planning and building of pilot sites. • Dissemination and marketing.


As a result of the project there are outcomes on both sides of the border. New destinations were prepared in Outokumpu Mining Museum and in “Tulmozero Mining Park”. Tulmozero Park was created during the project implementation and now can serve all those tourist groups and single traveler who pass Kolatselga village and may drop in the Park. Increased amount of tourists gives possibilities for locals who can offer additional attractions like housing, food and souvenirs. At the Mining Museum of Outokumpu the amount of visitors was increased by expanding and improving the services. A book containing information about the history of the mining road was created, as well as new excursions and guides were trained. Series of visual marketing material giving information about the destinations was also produced. Material was given to the tourist companies giving the companies a better opportunity to organize excursions on the route. After the project activities the locals started to pay more attention to the history of their area and young are interested to work in the destinations as guides. At Tulmozero Iron Park three new positions were created and this was only the first step.

Basic information


Mining Road


2012-04-21 - 2014-12-20

Total Budget / Programme funding

797 010 € / 714 169 €

Lead partner

Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Lead partner web-site


Geological Survey of Finland
Outokumpu Mining Museum
Administration of the Pryazha National Municipal District
Karelian Regional State Museum
Markkinointiosakeyhtiö i2
Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia