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MineHealth – Sustainability of miners’ well-being, health and work ability in the Barents region (KO303)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective is to provide long term sustainability of well-being, health and work ability among workers in the mining industry. Since work in the mining industry situated in the Barents region is characterized by exposure to harsh climatic conditions the specific objectives are: •To identify and analyze the separate and combined risks that is unique for the regional mining industry in the Barents area. •To optimize the personal protective equipments against noise, airborne particles, volatiles, vibration, mechanical wear, contamination and injuries in relation to cold protection •To produce aids for education and teaching in mining vocational school and vocational high school. •To increase knowledge about the mining industries impact on regional development. •To find out and minimize the risks for cold related discomfort, decrease in working capacity, excessive physical strain and injuries in the mining industry. •To better understand the role of exposure to cold climate on the development and progression of disorders related to mechanical vibration. •To improve knowledge on low grade inflammation due to exposure to diesel exhaust, particles and mechanical vibration when working in cold environment. •To increase knowledge on how to develop better work processes and tools to reduce the risks for low back pain.

Main activities

The project has carried out research actions concerning the following special features of mining in the cold climate: WP 1: Cold, protection and wellbeing WP 2: Cold and vibration WP 3: Airborne exposure in cold environment The project has carried out a WP 4: Personal growth and regional development, with a study on the socio-economic impact of mine work, and educational material on the topic.


The project increased knowledge regarding how to cope with the challenging conditions of mine work in the arctic regions. (Cold climate, dust, toxic gases, noise and vibration) Miners, mining companies, researchers and health service providers now know more about strain and recovery as well as clothing and ergonomics. Training materials prepared during the project will help achieve safer working practices.

Basic information