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LLW-Lifelong Wellbeing (KA422)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective was to promote the health and wellbeing of under school aged children and their families.

Main activities

• Survey of under-school aged children´s eating and exercise habits in five nurseries in Kajaani and six nurseries in Kostomuksha. • Guidance for pilot families in Kajaani and Kostomuksha • Procurement of exercise and other activity equipment for the nurseries. • Health promotion activity days in nurseries together with children and their parents. • Seminars and training events.


The project indirectly involved 500 children in Kajaani and 800 children in Kostomuksha and their parents. The project has provided knowledge of exercise, food and health related habits of pre-school aged children. This knowledge can be used in the everyday work of the pilot nurseries in both cities as well as in different types of workshops and seminars. The strong presence and activity of nursing and public health nursing students from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in the project increased the students’ and teachers’ competence as well as health promotion knowledge and knowledge of pre-school aged children’s growth and development. The LLW publication has been produced in Russian, Finnish and English and it is available in the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Library and as e-document in the Theseus database in all three langauges. During the project the nurseries purchased exercise equipment and devices for developing the motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills of pre-school aged children. The equipment will be used with children in the daily work of the nurseries.

Basic information




2013-03-22 - 2014-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

356 501 € / 320 851 €

Lead partner

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
Lead partner web-site


Administration of Local Power Body of Kostomuksha Urban District
Town of Kajaani