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Limited Abilities – Unlimited Potential (KO343)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Objectives: The overall objective is to create prerequisites for improving quality of life of the physically challenged people and promote inclusion and integration into the society. This would be done by providing equal opportunities for accessing education, culture, vocational guidance, labour market and sports and health promotion programmes. In addition, quality of life would include ability to influence one’s life and situation, social self-sufficiency and independent living. Specific objectives include creation of a more efficient and encompassing system of all types of rehabilitation (social, vocational, etc.) for the physically challenged that builds upon: - establishing of a centre of adapted technologies in one of the regions - expanding the area and scope of the existing inclusion activities - implementing joint actions and policies - in close cooperation with authorities - to promote inclusion, demonstrate possibilities of the physically challenged, and influence the attitudes in the society - meeting to exchange and implement best practices, to motivate physically challenged and to strengthen and multiply the potential of the actors

Main activities

• Establish and equip Centre of adapted technologies in Arkhangelsk and a project office • Exchange of hands-on experience • Pilot courses in computer technology • Pilot courses in sound engineering • Pilot courses in applied arts, handicrafts, sports, fitness and healthy way of life • Campaigns and best practices to observe the White Cane Day and the Day of persons with disabilities • Start sound recording studio and Internet radio for physically challenged by joint efforts of Sweden-Russia • Starting an Internet club for the visually impaired in Arkhangelsk • Internship and job shadowing, test employment • Well-being, health promotion activities


The project has focused on improving the lives and social situation of the disabled people. In order to achieve the objectives, a number of very concrete recreational and educational activities were organised. This has been very important for the participants, but also shown to the surrounding society that it is possible and produces new possibilities. The participants have been offered, (or at least presented with the possibilities of) equal opportunities to education, culture, vocational guidance, employment, sports and health promotion programs. Among the activities were training on personal computers for the blind, handicrafts, health and wellness, musical instrument lessons, dance training and much more. Other main activities focused on the development of services for the disabled, and the exchange of knowledge, skills and training methods. Partners from Sweden, Russia and Finland took up joint plans to influence society and to change negative attitudes against the integration of the disabled.

Basic information



2012-03-15 - 2015-03-14

Total Budget / Programme funding

711 171 € / 640 054 €

Lead partner

The Regional Public Organisation of the Disabled “Nadezhda”
Lead partner web-site


Sverigefinska Folkhögskolan (Svefi Academy)
Peräpohjolan Kansanopiston Kannatusyhdistys ry.
The Murmansk State Regional Special Library for the Blind