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Ladoga Initiative (SE113)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The main objective of Ladoga Initiative project was the economic and social development of rural territories in selected Russian regions on the basis of knowledge transfer from the Finnish partner. Aims were to support local bottom-up initiatives in order to strengthen sustainable rural economic development and learn about the possibilities and problems of adapting the LEADER approach in Russia, and evaluate influence of LEADER methodology on economic development of the territory.

Main activities

As the main activities the project carried out creation of a Local Development Strategy, formation and training of Local Actions Groups and selection, implementation and evaluation of 30 micro-projects.


The awarded micro-projects were implemented in the rural areas of the Leningrad region and the southwest part of the Republic of Karelia. The set goals were addressed by the themes of education, activating, and transformation. The project results were seen in local people and communities as increased cooperation and gumption. Although the project may be seen as successful via the positive outcomes, it also brought up the challenges when transferring social practices or social innovations from one context to another. In addition to the project named partners, several organisations involved with the LEADER funding in Finland were communicated and informed with the project outcomes. In Russia, the Government of the Republic of Karelia and Leningrad oblast and the Ministry of Economic Development were also informed of the results of the project realization and its intermediate results. Adequate sustainability of funded actions via micro projects is expected.

Basic information


Ladoga Initiative


2011-03-30 - 2013-03-29

Total Budget / Programme funding

594 917 € / 416 308 €

Lead partner

Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki
Lead partner web-site


Municipal fund of economic development of Lodeinoe Pole municipal district
Administration of Olonets municipal district
Administration of Pitkaranta municipal district