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KareliaTicket (KA 503)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to develop innovative approaches to use information and communication technology in the field of cultural co-operation.

Main activities

• Development of a ticket processing system presenting ongoing events in different cultural organizations of Finland and Karelia. • Creation of an information web-portal. • Creation of an information center for collection, translation, adaptation and dissemination of information from cultural agents of Karelia and Finland. • Creation of an infrastructure module allowing visitors purchase tickets to events directly from sales offices, box offices and automatic ticket terminals in Karelia and Finland.


Theater and concert goers are now provided with online services on the territory of Russia and Finland, including for example events and organizations search engine in three languages and reservations and ticket sales for cultural events. Also eight ticket sales offices with modern computer and printing equipment were set up and connected to the unified system of ticket information exchange. An information system was developed to provide users with information on cultural events organized by cultural institutions and other cultural operators in the Republic of Karelia and Finland. The system includes a web portal KareliaTicket.com, monitors and printed materials in the ticket sales offices, a LED screen in downtown Petrozavodsk, and a scrolling text display on the building of the National Theater of Karelia. Created infrastructure helps people to buy tickets to the events on the project’s website, at the ticket agency and at the ticket offices in Karelia and Finland which will certainly increase ticket sales and produce additional means for the cultural organizations for their further development and new cultural products. Creation of the cross-border system of information exchange on cultural events in Finland and the Republic of Karelia is aimed at providing a better access to the information on cultural resources. Moreover, the system allows promotion of local events (plays, concerts) as well as partners’ projects, including international, such as festivals and cultural actions at a new technological level. Therefore, the project has a strategic importance for further successful development of theaters and concert organizations of the Republic of Karelia. Besides, favorable conditions were created in the course of the project for the development of cooperation with Finnish partners in the fields of tourism and culture.

Basic information




2011-04-09 - 2014-04-08

Total Budget / Programme funding

396 000 € / 353 200 €

Lead partner

The State National Theatre of Republic of Karelia
Lead partner web-site


Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
The Ministry of culture of the Republic of Karelia
«Interso» Limited Liability Company
North Karelia College Outokumpu