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Intercluster Laboratory on Environmental Protection and Risks Assessment (SE704)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Establish and develop of Intercluster Laboratory on Environmental Protection and Risks Assessment (ILEPRA) targeted to realization of green business projects in the cross-border region.

Main activities

- Intercluster activities - Applied scientific activities - Education activities - Disseminations


In the framework of this multi-disciplinary project realization, implementation process included several tasks, namely: Intercluster cooperation and networking, research-oriented scientific activities, education activities including the university curricula adaptation to the sustainable green values and dissemination activities of various kind. The ILEPRA-concept served as a tool in the implementation of business projects in the Finnish-Russian cross-border region. The final results of the implemented activities have been: 1) Intercluster Laboratory (ILEPRA), 2) Finnish-Russian Common Methodology and Strategy for ecology risk assessment, 3) Manual on intercluster collaboration based on ecological risks assessed and introducing green approach in contemporary business, 4) GIS system of ecological status of the cross-border region, 5) seven trained in assessing environmental risks in the cross-border region, 6) 25 trained representatives of Russian and Finnish Clusters, 7) three business projects with common ecology risk estimation.

Basic information




2012-09-28 - 2014-09-27

Total Budget / Programme funding

565 695 € / 450 465 €

Lead partner

Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Lead partner web-site


Russian State Hydrometeorological University
Finnish Meteorological Institute
University of Helsinki
Committee for Nature Use Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety