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Innovation and Business Cooperation (SE312)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to develop cooperation in the fields of innovation and business in the cross-border region. The activities followed so called Triple Helix –approach combining the efforts of business-university-government cooperation to the systematic and regular practices.

Main activities

- Enlargement and improvement the cooperation between universities. - Modernization of businesses and internationalisation of innovative companies. - Development of basics for innovative services on g2b and g2c levels on cross-border regions. - Promoting cooperation to EU-Russia Innovation Cooperation.


The project was implemented in collaboration with 14 partners, sharing cooperation networks already existing in activities. Main outcomes of the university cooperation were reached via numerous activities resulting enlarged and improved level of cooperation and networks. For example BRIDGE conference attracted hundreds of Russian and European experts. Also several new services for potential partner universities were created and launched to improve future actions. The Modernisation and Internationalisation of Companies work package resulted in the study "InnoBus-Modernisation Research of Northwestern Russia SMEs 2012" and three guidelines targeted at Finnish and Russian companies operating in the cross-border regions. Governmental e-services were piloted in mobile apps for iOS and Android. The work of Innovation Cooperation Promotion to EU-Russia Innovation Cooperation (ERICO) resulted in three concrete outputs: two EU-Russia Innovation Forums, two Cross-border Innovation Exhibitions and two EU–Russia Innovation Matching events.

Basic information