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Innet-Kainuu-Karelia II
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The object of the project was to build a reliable electronic communication infrastructure to the Republic of Karelia and to Russia in wider specs through Kainuu. During the first phase of the Innet-Kainuu Karelia project, a need for the construction of a fast and reliable communication network had come up. The applications of the distance medication, for example, were going to need fast connections in situations such as the transferring of pictures and high quality video negotiations. The city of Kuhmo was at the time one of the pioneers in the use of the distance medication applications. The project was going to be used to widen the communication network to Kuhmo and Vartius, as well as to improve the connections to Joensuu and enhance the networking in the Interreg II Karelia-programme area. During the project, a STM-4 chain network was going to be built to Kuhmo, the TM-4 terminal device used in Sotkamo was going to be updated into a ADM-4-feeding-fall-multiplex by adding the units needed, an ADM-4 equipment was going to be installed to Jalkovaara and a TM-4-equipment was going to be installed to Kuhmo. The joint capacity that was going to be built was going to improve the preparedness of companies to create new businesses to Russia and rationalize the already existing operations. The new connections were also possibly going to improve the trustworthiness of the communication connections. Multiple companies, such as the Kuhmon Sähkö OYJ, and public organisations, such as the Finnish Defence Forces, had showed interest in the network that was going to be built. The Kainuu´s Telephone Cooperative Society had been involved in negotiations with the local actors of the Republic of Karelia about the development of the telecommunication cooperation between the regions.

Main activities


Basic information


Innet-Kainuu-Karelia II


1999-08-01 - 2000-04-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

655 065 € / 95 863 €

Lead partner

Kajaanin Puhelinosuuskunta
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