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Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs through energy efficiency (KA 385)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The aim of the project was the introduction and promotion of energy-efficient solutions increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cross-border areas.

Main activities

• Comparative analysis on competitiveness of SMEs working in the cross-border areas in Finland and Russia. • Energy efficiency checks of pilot SMEs in the industrial, constructing and other sectors. • Establishment of a small-scale demonstration station equipped with the relevant energy-saving devices and also energy meters to educate the entrepreneurs on the value of energy conservation. • Training and consultancy sessions for SMEs learning how to turn their business and production into an energy efficient way. • Open competition for SMEs using the energy-efficient solutions. • Information campaigns to inform SMEs, relevant decision makers, regional and municipal authorities, associations about the energy-related training opportunities, audit checks, and also about the possibilities and potentials of becoming energy efficient.


After having been trained with the most updated energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies, the SMEs have been able to minimize their energy costs and optimize their cost-efficiency. As a final outcome of this process, the pilot SMEs got a chance to strengthen their competitiveness on the local and global markets. The participating educational institutions also received the valuable benefits from the project. Having acquired new study modules and teaching materials on the energy management, the universities used the opportunity to enrich their educational portfolio. Also, the technical and educational facilities such as the demonstration and training equipment of the institutions taking part in the project were improved. The following outcomes could also be reported: - Number of SMEs applying energy-efficient solutions increased; - Number of SMEs volunteering to order and finance the energy audit increased; - Number of energy service contracts ordered and paid by SMEs increased; - Share of goods and services purchased within the public procurement procedures to satisfy the energy-efficiency standards and requirements increased; - The knowledge and skills of relevant professionals were improved.

Basic information



2012-10-31 - 2014-10-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

339 400 € / 298 672 €

Lead partner

The Karelian Regional Institute of Management, Economics and Law of Petrozavodsk State University
Lead partner web-site


Business Incubator of the Republic of Karelia
Energy Efficiency Centre (KAEEC) - Non-profit non-governmental organization
NorTechOulu/ University of Oulu
CENTRIA / Research, development, and further education unit of the COU